Multi-Site Management Tool
iPECS NMS(Network Management Solution) is a powerful tool for managing fault information, monitoring real-time status, maintaining call statistics and databases of multiple iPECS platforms and switches. iPECS nMS is a web based application enabling communications managers to access iPECS nMS via Internet Explorer from any PC. It employs standard SnMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to identify and “trap” events should a problem occur.


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Mô tả

Fault management and real-time system monitoring

• Monitoring registered systems in real-time to deliver fault and alarm event statistics
• Automatic e-mail alerts defined as critical by the system manager
• Network topology diagram as tree or circle format including zooming and exporting

System information management

• A list of the resources and components for all registered systems including call servers, gateways, terminals, soft phones, and software associated with systems and components

Various traffic statistics

• Easily analyzing the traffic data to determine under or over usage of resources and usage trends to adjust system configuration
• Detailed and summary data for call accounting and cost allocation

Switch information management

• Real-time CPU and memory utilization
• Switch and port related information and configuration

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