iPECS UCS (Unified Communications Solution for Enhancing Business Performance)

iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing application which is exclusively designed for small and medium sized businesses. Users can experience powerful UC solution without concerns over expenses thanks to a single server architecture. The rich features, capability and the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions are well- suited for small and medium sized customer’s UC environment.


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Integrated Presence

• Instant decision on reachability by status color
• Save time and cost through real-time communications with people who are available for collaboration
• Integrated DND setting is available for both iPECS UCS client and desktop phone at the same time

Instant Messaging, SMS and note

• Various chatting mode(1:1, 1:N, Ad-hoc, Meet-me)
• Inviting others by drag and drop
• Packet encryption by AES
• Send and receive text message to other internal iPECS system or external SMS users
• Leave a note for offline iPECS UCS user

Audio Call & Conference
Audio Call

• Call popup : Display caller’s information based on CID
• MS Outlook popup : Display caller’s contact information in MS Outlook based on CID
• Call memo : noting important information during a call

Audio Conference

• Based on built-in audio conference system
• Easy conference building by graphical user interface and drag and drop
• Conference control features : Invite, Remove, Mute, Changing Master, Record

Video Call & Conference

• Build face to face conference at anytime, anywhere
• Maximum 9 party, 8 group video conference
• Video resolution : QCIF, CIF, VGA, 4CIF (704 x 480/576)
• Ad-hoc conference
• Meet-me conference and e-mail notification
• Application sharing during conference
• Remote monitoring, still shot
• Presentation mode (1:32)


• More effective and productive work with others
• File Send
• Program sharing
– Application : Sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing in real time
– Desktop : Sharing desktop screen
• Web push : Sharing web page address
• Whiteboard : Sharing drawings and free-form text


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