iPECS RCC Gateway for MS Lync/SfB

Easy and Simple Remote Call Control Solution

Through iPECS RCC(Remote Call Control) Gateway solution, users can easily handle outgoing/incoming calls with a simple click on MS Lync/ SfB(Skype for Business). iPECS RCC Gateway solution for integration with MS Lync/SfB consists of ‘RCC Gateway’ and ‘RCCV Client’. For flexible deploying on various office environments, iPECS RCC Gateway provides various scenarios. It provides two types of user scenario. Users can do remote control of iPECS desk phones with ‘RCC mode’ and SIP voice
communication with ‘VC mode’. iPECS RCC Gateway solution is available in Cloud Service solution as well as on premise solution.

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iPECS RCC Gateway configuration

• Linkage with both desktop phone and MS Lync/SfB Client presence
• Desktop phone control in iPECS RCCV Client
• MS Plus CAL(Client Access License) to be replaced by the iPECS RCC Gateway solution in two concepts

iPECS RCCV Client user interface

• On installation of the iPECS RCCV client, it will be shown and positioned underneath of MS Lync/SfB Client
• When right click on MS Lync/SfB contact list, “Make Call(s)” menu will be shown
• The station number will be displayed as shown in the “desktop phone” number assigned by the Active Directory

iPECS RCCV Client features

• ‘RCC Mode’ for desktop phone call control solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client and desktop phone
– Remote call control for iPECS desktop phones in iPECS RCCV Client
– Desktop phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence
• ‘VC Mode’ for SIP voice communication solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client
– iPECS RCCV Client as a SIP extension
– no iPECS RCC Gateway needed
– MS Lync/SfB calls for MS Lync/SfB clients
– iPECS RCCV Client soft phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence


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