IP Call Recording Solution
iPECS IPCR(IP Call Recording) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS platforms optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centers. iPECS IPCR is designed as a simple and cost- effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features. iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management.


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Real-time monitoring and recording single server for all terminals

• Automatic call recording and on-demand recording
• no additional hardware or cabling required
• IP, digital and SLT extension recording
• Graphical agent status monitoring : Idle, log in/out and busy
• Live agent call monitoring with a click of mouse
• On-demand recording of the entire call, simply press call recording button any time during the call
• Voice packet encryption and call recording at the same time
• Remote maintenance and automatic alarming

Remote call recording

• Record calls to remote branch, home office and road warriors
• Conversations are saved in a central or remote servers
• Remote packet trans-coding and relay via VOIM
• Multiple codec selection depending on network condition(G.723/G.729)
• Up to 10 systems register and record to a single iPECS IPCR server

Search and play recording

• Web based search and play
• Keyword search : Period, hour, agent, DIC and incoming/outgoing
• Directory search : Group or agent selection
• Built in media player : Play, stop, pause, marking and speed control
• Server status and memory monitoring

Distributed recording

• Flexible deployment without limiting functionality
• Traffic balancing and employing through local iPECS IPCR servers
• Local traffic saved in local servers : Regional agents and local conversation
• Support server redundancy for local survivability
• Up to 10 iPECS IPCR servers register and record calls from a single call server

Intuitive display of statistics

• Usage statistics graphs : Table, bar chart and line graph
• External calls, internal calls and average talking time
• Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly data and per agent data
• Web display and excel file downloadable
• User base access level management

Conference recording

• From 3 up to 32 party conference recording
• Mixing multi party conversation paths into one path via MCIM
• Any iPECS IPCR registered participants can save the conference


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