iPECS Cloud (Smart Option to Own Your Communication Systems)

Cloud solution which is also known as ‘Hosted’ or ‘Software as a Service’(SaaS) is a highly popular way to adopt new business communication technologies. IP telephony market is rapidly changing from purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardware or application to subscribing a monthly service from cloud platforms. Cloud platform has to be located in secure data centers, and a simple and easy management system is needed for service providers to operate business communications easily as End-to-End solution.

To meet all needs of service providers and end-users, Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides End-to-End cloud solution ‘iPECS Cloud’ including multi-layered web based management tools(EMS). iPECS Cloud is a Best-In-Class UCaaS solution accommodated to the cloud environment. iPECS Cloud contains Agility, Flexibility and Simplicity on top of the proven technology of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, leading in business communications. Equipped with a variety of end-points, applications and features, iPECS Cloud could be your smart option for your communication system.


Minimizing Entry Cost and Faster Implementation : As End-to-End solution, Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides initial setup and technical training support for the centralized cloud solution including overall services such as voice, video, data, collaboration features, management tools etc. And then
service provider can easily provide iPECS Cloud to end user with low upfront cost and efforts. If iPECS resources are already installed on the end-user’s site, iPECS Cloud will be the best solution to protect existing investment.
Also, integration with other branded IT resources is available through API.

Flexibility and Scalability : iPECS Cloud features outstanding flexibility in deployment and can be deployed as a Public, Private or Hybrid cloud solution. iPECS Cloud can be a great solution to service provider since service provider can manage own business model however they want. With high scalability, iPECS Cloud provides up to 50,000 ports and easily adapted to future business growth. And IT manager can easily configure telephony features depending on user’s needs through web based management tool.

variety of Communication Feature : There are a variety of options for business collaborations available. You may be looking for diverse collaboration tools for your own business. Along with state-of-the-art feature/ functionalities, iPECS Cloud offers a wide range of portfolios including telephony features, UC applications, voice, video, management tools etc. With iPECS Cloud, you can easily get the experience of diverse high quality collaboration tools whenever you need.

Easy Operation and Management : iPECS Cloud has a multi-layered management tool which is web based GUI. For the iPECS Cloud business partner, there is a backend portal and partners can easily configure and order all services. Also, there is a Billing gateway for easy billing management by the business partner. For the customer IT manager and end-user, a frontend portal is provided. All customer’s resources can be configured in here. IT Managers can divide features for assigning to the appropriate users for a more efficient business environment. And end users can manage their own phone configuration through the web browser wherever they are.

Features and Benefits

Minimizing Entry Cost and Faster Implementation

• Easy to start a cloud business as initial setup cost is low for service provider
• Less management cost and efforts on sales business as multi-layered EMS is provided
• Fast to implement cloud business for service provider : Installed base service and flexible service package

Flexible business model

• Create business or sales model according to service provider’s capacity
• Single-tier model for a total service provider or multi-tier model with distributor/reseller

Scalability for capacity and services

• Support up to 50,000 ports(2,560 tenants) and easily expandable as business grows
• Easily configure all services through web based management tool(EMS)

Reliability and Security

• Geo-redundancy/Local survivability for reliable and seamless multi-site communication
• Extension/Media/Trunk SBC are embedded for secure communication
• Auto call barring service

Variety of communication feature

• Supports auto attendant, voice mail, call recording, UC&Mobility solution with iPECS UCE and iPECS Meetings, call center etc.

Wide range of voice product portfolio

• IP Phone : LIP-9000/8000E Series, IP8800E Series and IP DECT
• Soft client : iPECS UCE, iPECS Meetings, iPECS RCC Gateway, Call recording and iPECS Attendant

Easy operation and management

• Web based management tool(EMS)
• Multi-layered web portal for Service Provider, Virtual Service Provider, Reseller, Customer Manager and Customer User
• Ordering, configuring and resource management
• Billing gateway for 3rd party billing service integration


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